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Frequently asked questions

What products are sold by “Destination Scooter” ?

Used and vintage parts, usually original, for VESPA and LAMBRETTA scooters from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Parts are sold as is. Most of these parts are several decades old and may show signs of wear due to their use and/or prolonged storage.

It is important to identify your model, year and country of manufacture, because there may be differences between the French, Italian or Spanish models for the same year. ( Model year starts at the end of the previous year )

The majority of the parts presented in this catalogue are for french «Vespa ACMA» and «Lambretta France». There are also Italian parts «Piaggio» and «Innocenti», then Spanish «Motovespa» and «Lambretta Serveta» parts.

Are all the parts visible in the catalog in stock?

Yes. Each descriptive sheet, so each part, is unique and has its own description with the photos that actually match the product described.

New parts are added regularly to the catalogue.

What is the category « Scooterabilia » ?

These are all vintage products concerning old scooters such as magazines, advertisements and old catalogues, technical review, original user manuals, old toys, etc…

What is the category « Identify my scooter » ?

Tables that allow you to identify your scooter according to its year and its origin. They were created by cross-referencing several sources of information. They are improved, corrected and supplemented as new documentary discoveries are made.

If you have any clarifications, please feel free to share them to improve these identification tables.

Do you have a store ?

For organizational reasons, it is not possible to receive clients, the sale is done online only, on the website “” and on « E.bay”.

Please use the contact form. ( phone: 09 75 80 57 32 )

What is the accepted payment method?

By credit card via a secure system of « La Banque Postale ». ( And PayPal )

What is the delivery method?

By credit card via a secure system of « La Banque Postale ».

The package is sent by « La Poste » with its tracking number.

Shipping and packing costs are calculated automatically according to weight and place of destination.

« La Poste » accepts a package up to 30 kg. Beyond 30 kg, the package will be divided in two.

Packages are carefully prepared with recycled packaging to reduce shipping costs and to protect the environment.

When will I receive my package?

It usually takes up to 3 working days to deliver the package to the post office. Then the normal postal delays apply, depending on the place of destination. The delay can be longer in case of absence, or order of parts involving a non-standard package. In this case, the customer will be informed.

What if the parts doesn’t suit me?

You have 14 days to contact us and return the package. Shipping costs will be at your expense, unless « Destination Scooter » has made an error.

Printed materials such as magazine, old ad, technical magazine cannot be returned unless « Destination Scooter » has made an error.

See “Terms and Conditions of Sale” for details.